The Red Carpet

It all started when...

The Claremont Film Festival began in 2009. Originally it featured short films interspersed with an occasional 5 second snippet! 

The festival is a curated show and has screened significant works from around the world.  The festival is produced by a 501(c)3 organization that provides cultural, social and educational activities.

Recognizing that the short film is not, in itself, a product to produce great financial rewards, The Claremont Film Festival honors and celebrates the short format as a creative entity in its own right.

Our focus is to create an atmosphere to encourage interaction with filmmakers and their audience in order to enhance the artistic experience of both. With the desire to provide a premium experience, the Claremont Film Festival exhibits its selected films at the prestigious Laemmle Theatre in the center of the beautiful Claremont Village. We are dedicated to ensuring that both the filmmakers and the audience share a memorable evening celebrating the art of the short film.